How to keep the yoga mat away from harmful bacteria?

Feb 16, 2022
Possible bacteria are often present where we exercise, but we don't pay much attention.

As an avid yoga lover, I really need to focus on what to watch out for when exercising in public. If you've ever been to yoga school or used a class in a sauna, you'll find yourself sweating profusely within 60 minutes.

Just as the yoga classes themselves are wonderful, these trainings are rewarding. But our yoga mats can be objectionable. They contain more than 50% of the bacteria that cause contamination and are often breeding grounds for many different diseases and bacterial infections, such as influenza, strep, pneumonia, sepsis, skin diseases, and more.

Yoga mats are an easy source of contamination because people sweat on them and are usually rarely washed. But will there be no remedy? Fortunately, we can avoid the effects of such difficulties by the following methods.

1. Just use your own yoga mat

It is recommended to use your personal yoga mat when exercising in a community setting. Yoga mats are made of open-cell or closed-cell material that repels or absorbs moisture. Each form of material has advantages and disadvantages, but they are still susceptible to numerous bacteria. Is there an all natural rubber yoga mat like mine that is definitely open cell and absorbs your sweat (hard to clean thoroughly, but just warm yoga stuff), or even a PVC yoga mat that is definitely closed cell and easy to clean, but Usually slippery.

By doing this, you can not only manage how thoroughly your yoga mat is clean, but also determine if the mat is messy, which is nothing less than the easiest way to avoid other people's germs.

2. Regular cleaning

By using our yoga mat, we can clean it regularly to reduce infection. Buying high-quality, low-hazard yoga mat wipes or aerosols can keep germs from lingering in your mat for too long. Disinfecting your yoga mat after each use will not only help you keep germs free, it will also keep your mat healthier.

3. Use a yoga towel

Using a yoga towel is an excellent form of protection. This way, most of your perspiration will be distributed on the easy-to-clean yoga towel instead of the hard-to-clean yoga mat.

Using a yoga towel can also help prolong the life of your yoga mat, mainly because it acts as a protective cover for all activities.

4. Change your yoga mat annually

Even the best yoga mats need to be replaced, notwithstanding yoga towels, or if you regularly clean the mat thoroughly. As a yogi, it is recommended that you improve your yoga mat once a year and also wear it hard. Training is clean and healthy.

The above are some of the ways I have collected to protect your health, I hope they can help you.