Ways to stay healthy while traveling

Feb 18, 2022
Do you love to exercise and have you made a plan? For most people, travel tends to take us out of our healthy routines when it comes to exercise and food choices. However, if your health is important to you. Here are some simple ways to stay healthy.

1. Avoid bacteria
Travel usually means that you will be taken out of your normal environment and thrown into an area that is usually populated by a lot of people, which usually means being exposed to a lot of germs (cough, airport). Once you arrive at your destination, you may find yourself taking a variety of transportation, including subways, buses, taxis, and more. Avoiding mass transit is usually not an option, but putting wipes and hand sanitizer in carry-on luggage definitely is. Before you sit somewhere, take the time to wipe down quickly. The same goes for hotel rooms.

2. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated on the go is essential. Get yourself a reusable water bottle to keep in your backpack. Carry a bottle of water or a cup of coffee with you.

3. Be kind to your stomach
A stomach bug has the potential to ruin your entire journey. They're usually because you've eaten something that's not good for you, or at worst even food poisoning. Checking restaurant reviews ahead of time is a great way to make sure your food is healthy, and it's even better to know what triggers your reaction before you travel. To help keep your digestive system in top shape, adding probiotics to your trip is also a good idea. Food is an important part of experiencing a new region or country, but it's never a bad idea to stick with what's right for your body!

4. Drink alcohol sparingly
It has been said that for every glass of wine you should drink two glasses of water in between to avoid dehydration, which is heightened when you are traveling and feeling unwell. While enjoying the local booze is the best part of traveling, waking up in a hotel room the next day hungover and unable to sightsee is not. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and make sure it's filled often, so if you find yourself stopping by for a local happy hour special, you'll know you have water on hand, which can help you continue to stay fresh and focused.

5. Bring a travel yoga mat
Unless you are traveling for business, you must have at least one hour of free time per day. This time can be used for yoga, stretching, or any exercise that makes you feel soft and energized. That's why packing a travel yoga mat is always popular. If you're traveling by car, take the time to park at a scenic spot or park and take a few minutes on one of our yoga mats to take the stress out of your trip.

Hope you enjoy your next trip with these helpful tips!