Advantages of cork yoga mat

May 11, 2021
Are you looking for the best yoga mat on the market? I know of course I am. Like many yoga beginners, I have been trying to find a perfect mat that has a strong grip and is environmentally friendly. I really don’t like using plastic pads because they smell bad for the environment. Today, I would like to introduce the eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories of Second Page.

The yoga accessories of secondpageyoga can be environmentally friendly and more ergonomic to use. Cork is a material of their choice because of its amazing natural properties. The classic cork yoga mat has a lovely alignment, which is more practical to help start your eco-friendly yoga journey.

Do you hot yoga or sweat a lot of palms? This cute cork yoga mat can be widely used for all types of yoga. The cleaning of this mat is also very simple. If you are practicing hot yoga, spray it quickly after each use. The only mat you need to clean is spray and wipe it clean. If you use it twice a day, it will dry quickly. It can even be rinsed with water or washed with vinegar spray to make it fresh.

The top of the mat has a 1mm thick layer of environmentally friendly cork, which will generate crazy traction regardless of whether the mat is wet or dry. The rubber at the bottom provides an ideal amount of cushioning; it will not hinder you in a balanced posture, but it allows you to sit comfortably on your knees. The thickness of the mat is 4.5mm, which means that whether you are practicing on a hard or soft surface, your knees are very comfortable. I like its weight and it's easy to carry.

Cork is also great due to its antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that ordinary gym yoga mats contain more bacteria and bacteria than toilet seats! Cork has an organic antibacterial effect, so it provides a perfect clean and healthy surface for your yoga every time.
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This yoga mat is super durable, soft, and looks strong enough to cope with all types of activities, whether it's yoga or Pilates, weight training or any other sports. I also like this yoga mat because of its amazing design and because it looks great on my carpet and studio. This cork cushion is super comfortable, stylish and photogenic!

My favorite part of the cushions is their alignment on the surface. When I do poses like sagging dog or dove, it really helps me stand up, and it is very suitable for beginners or advanced yogis who need extra help in doing the poses.

Some other advantages of cork yoga mats include: lovely natural turf, durability, lightness, flexibility and the fact that it feels super good to use. It motivates me to do yoga every day! The quality of the yoga mat is second to none. It is well-made and looks very sturdy. This will last me for several years, and I am very excited about it every day.

Our cork yoga mat is suitable for any experienced yogi! Welcome to consult.