Luxury suede yoga mat

May 06, 2021
The Secondpage suede yoga mat invites you to observe your barefoot walking in a quiet botanical garden on a fresh morning.

This stylish cushion is carefully designed to help you find your own space and remember your true nature. Its soft suede surface layer, delicate touch and rubber tree bottom can be stable on any surface.

The high performance created by the soft top layer, the more you sweat, the stronger the grip, and the surface will naturally become rougher each time you use it. Don't worry, if you are not a sweater, just spray with water, splash or moisten the mat to get the super anti-slip function, which can be activated when the surface becomes dumb.

Although this mat is perfect for all yoga practice or exercises, it is also ideal for hot yoga/hot yoga, strength, Ashtanga and other dynamic exercises. Easy to roll up, it can be placed firmly on the floor or on another yoga mat to provide extra cushioning, and it is easy to carry around and can be used anytime, anywhere.

It is made of microfiber suede leather, the top surface is made of natural foam rubber, and the bottom is made of natural foam rubber.

For the first time, your new mat may be a bit slippery-don't worry! Just like your new jeans or shoes, the more you use the cushion, the better the cushion will be. Use water spray to moisten or splash your mat to get a super grip.

The pad is very easy to clean with a soft cloth and water as long as needed, and it can also be machine washed in cold water with a gentle cycle and no bleaching. Hang to dry.

We provide a variety of patterned suede yoga mats to choose from, contact us to learn more.