Wholesale 1730x610x5mm eco friendly Durable PVC yoga fitness mat

Healthy Eco Friendly waterproof anti slip fitness PVC yoga mat
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Wholesale 1730x610x5mm eco friendly Durable PVC yoga fitness mat




Wholesale 1730x610x5mm eco friendly Durable PVC yoga fitness mat


yupingyoga.com(China PVC Yoga mats factory)


Company Certification


All the yoga mats products comply with the standard of CE, ROHS, SGS etc


1, non-toxic harmless, to ensure the safety and health of the human body
Germany imported environmental protection PVC material, with high molecular weight, high density characteristics, resilience, excellent touch, flame retardant, high temperature, acid and alkali, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.

2, the protection of sports injuries, super high rebound, energy buffer
High quality PVC sports mat, 90+ high density molecular weight, to ensure that the rebound of the cushion super performance, the effective support of pressure, to ease the impact of the impact of movement, to protect the body from injury.

3, anti-bacterial, anti mite, to prevent skin allergies, inhibit bacterial regeneration, to effectively kill the bacteria function.

4, Motion, there will be a lot of sweat excreted from the body, it will breed bacteria, and multifunctional sports cushion containing antibacterial agent, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, killing bacteria, antibacterial anti mite, keep healthy, anti allergy.

4, moisture, heat and sound insulation, heat preservation, Germany closed cell cellular foaming technology.

5,Using the German obturator foaming technology, smooth edges, uniform foaming, mat surface soft and delicate, can absorb most of the vibration, reduce noise pollution, maintaining environmental safety Good insulation property, moisture, cold, cold and wet ground effective barrier, the use of any environment.

6,soft and comfortable, leisure and entertainment use
The surface of the dynamic cushion is soft and delicate, the touch is excellent, place oneself on the cushion to relax, leisure, sports and entertainment, give you a better experience.


PVC soft material


Black,pink,green,orange,blue,purple or some other colors,can custom colors.


Customized,mainly 173*61,183*61,3mm-8mm.


About 1kg/pc-1.5kg/pc


500pcs(mats in stock)1000pcs(custom)

Logo/Patterns Technic

silk printing or emboss printing

Regular Packing Details

Packing: Film packaging

Other Packing styles customized are accepted

Packing Details


Samples Time

7-10 days for a customized one, 3-5 days for standard samples or random samples

Delivery time

About 10-15 days after payment.

Type of shipping

Depends on the time requirements and the region.We can advise,you can also choose yourself.


Based on the material,size,thickness, quantity etc. Welcome to ask for price.

Factory price.

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