Standard size of yoga mat

Apr 23, 2021
Yoga mats come in different widths and lengths, and even shapes-yes, you can buy a round mat if you wish!

Generally, a standard yoga mat (if available) is 183 cm long and 61 cm wide. The width of the Asana Tree yoga mat is 61cm-68cm and the length is 185cm.

You may not find many yoga mats wider than 68 cm, which is sufficient even for the widest shoulders.

The length is slightly different. For most people, a 183cm long cushion is sufficient, but if you are over 6 feet tall, you may benefit from a longer cushion (some long cushions will reach 220cm).

The type of yoga you practice may also affect the mat length you need. If you are practicing soft yoga like Hatha, then a standard mat may be fine. However, if you are practicing Ashtanga and have a jumping ability and a sense of arm balance, using a longer mat may help, so you won't find yourself falling.

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